Building a Manifesto - Part Three

Notability is a fundamental problem that information sources have deal with. Wikipedia has extensive Notability guidelines to decide whether something deserves its own article or not. TVTropes goes the other way with their There Is No Such Thing As Notability rule.

Neither of these two policies is a good fit with this blog - for obvious reasons. The general principle that I've developed for myself over the last couple years is relatively simple. I call it Wikipedia+1.

The Wikipedia+1 rule basically means that any article I write has to contain information that isn't available on Wikipedia. If it exists on Wikipedia, writing about it becomes superfluous and/or indulgent. (This might seem like an extremely low bar and I would agree. But it might not be as low as you think.)

The aspirational rider that this rule of thumb comes with is that I then start contributing to Wikipedia through research that I do for this blog. Which means that if possible, I ensure that my posts fail the notability test right after I write them. So I've created an account with the username, hopefully you'll find me on the talk pages.