June 29, 2018 · dnd

Hacked / Homebrewed DND 5e Character Sheet

So the second DND campaign is over and I feel that after more than six months of playing Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, I'm ready to hack the hell out of it. The major change is taking combat and magic into a separate second sheet and making the first sheet all about character design.

The new first sheet is heavily inspired by Dungeon World and Burning Wheel. I want my games to be more about character and story and less about killing monster and getting treasure and so I've redesigned and rearranged the first sheet to reflect that. I'm also overhauling the skill system because I don't like the restrictions that 5e puts on skills. To me, skills are some of the most interesting parts of the game and I don't see why classes should decide skills. I also plan to do a lot of skill challenges and graduated tests.

The new skill system will be a point buy or a strength/weakness system. Point buy means that there's a certain number of points tied to level that can be distributed across skills however the player sees fit. The strength / weakness system basically means that for every +1 you want to take to a skill, you need to take -1 to another. I haven't tested the math for this but you get the idea.


As you can see, I'm not a designer- did this in paint.net, a souped up version of paint. Also note that I eliminated some skills and added new ones. In page two, I've brought all the combat and magic into one sheet because I'm going to start encouraging multiclassing. The idea is that this sheet has to be taken out during the combat mini-game rolls eyes. I'll probably running combat a bit more like Dungeon World.


What do you think? Feedback always appreciated.

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